Harry Potter by Jk Rowling/ Book Review

Seven books , one magical story

Well, my magical journey has come to end.

I was never into Harry Potter while growing up, I have read only the first part in school. However last year I was reading an article which caught my interest in Harry Potter.

I pondered for a while before buying. I asked myself, am I too old to read Harry Potter ?

Well ,I don’t know the answer.

I ended up purchasing all the parts . Unfortunately I never finished it. So much to read and so little time that’s what I used to think . Yeah May be who knows I was saving it for this lockdown period.

Do I have some psychic ability? ( definitely aftermath effect of reading Harry Potter)

I am not a voracious reader though . But am glad that I am able to complete it at one go thanks to the lockdown.

Over a period of time I thought I might go insane staying 24/7 inside the four walls of my room and staring either at phone or at the walls with no definite reason. Then Harry Potter comes to my rescue. I found myself seeking a refuge to potter’s world. With all the insane things happening in my world , I was able hold into my sanity by escaping to the world of magic. There is no denying that this book is too good be true. For a spilt of second I wish if Hogwarts school exists for real . If you love anything related to mythical creatures. You name it and you will come across one of their kind in one or in another chapter. Character development is so good. Though there are so many characters but I found my self drawing closer to each one of them with each page I flip and makes me feel wanting know more about each one of them.Apart from the main characters my favourite is Dobby the house elf . It’s is such a heartwarming character. Another favourite is Severus Snape I find him truly annoying from the philosopher’s stone till the deathly hallow but in last chapter turned out he was the main hero all along. Overall it was an amazing and emotional roller coaster journey of reading Harry Potter. If anyone looking forward to read it just go for it. You won’t regret it.

I don’t think there is age bar to read any books , it’s just a prejudice that our mind set.

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Alchemist by Paulo COELHO/ Book review

Yes The Alchemist!!!!

Because simple act of reading this book is therapeutic. I am in dire need of something which lift my mood, calm my mind and bless my soul. And Alchemist is the best book to read when you are feeling little low. Otherwise I am not a avid lover of self help sort of book coz I don’t find myself going beyond few pages. But this book does a wonder because this is my third time reading it. This is a simple book with only few pages yet it gives you very deep and profound messages on life. You only need to invest few hours to finish it ,not even a day.

This book is about the Santiago a shepherd boy. It unravels the journey of a boy in search of treasure to fulfill his dream.

It invokes what we already knew. Many a times it happens like we already knew what to do and answer is with us all along. But we don’t actually work for it to make it happen. We need some sort of reminder or a driving force . We need to realise our dream and drive ourself toward to achieve it. No matter how many unexpected detour you need to make. Each time you cross the hurdles you become a bit wiser than yesterday. We should never give up on our dreams because that’s what it keeps us moving. We should never lose our hope as we all know the darkest hours of night come just before the dawn . When we truly desire something earnestly the whole universe conspires to help us achieve it. These are few things we learn by going through the journey of Santiago.

This beautiful book teaches us meaningful lesson on life and existence. People out there who loves reading if you haven’t read it yet. This is my recommendation.

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